New Dominion Chorale Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Mission: To advance the musical arts in general, and the choral arts in particular, and to provide enjoyment through choral arts to those who sing and those who listen.

Goal 1: Provide high quality musical experiences to diverse audiences.


  • Have a skilled artistic director/conductor to lead the NDC.

  • Offer a varied repertoire of original new compositions, classical favorites, and less familiar works.

  • Engage skilled professional soloists and instrumental musicians for performances.

  • Use an acoustically excellent, attractive performance space in Fairfax County, VA, with convenient parking that is accessible to diverse audiences.

  • Maintain moderate ticket prices.

  • Expand audiences through collaboration with other organizations in presenting concerts and advertising.

  • Enhance use of current technology to sustain the website, allow for electronic transactions and performance excerpts, offer wider advertising, build email outreach, and use social media to reach new audience members and singer.

Goal 2: Provide outreach services to the community, especially to the young and the old.


  • Lead 10-12 free performances with audience participation throughout the year in area retirement and nursing homes.

  • Include student choirs and musicians in performances.

  • Engage rising young stars as soloists.

  • Provide reduced rate concert tickets to seniors and students.

  • Seek out and implement other service and outreach opportunities for Chorale members.

  • Develop and maintain connections to the alumni/ae base.

Goal 3: Provide members with a stimulating and supportive atmosphere that encourages and promotes musical growth.


  • Have a skilled director who is also an outstanding musical educator to lead the NDC.

  • Engage a skilled accompanist as rehearsal pianist.

  • Maintain a mandatory rehearsal attendance policy to build preparedness to sing in a concert.

  • Use rehearsal space in Fairfax County that is accessible.

  • Use a performance venue that is large enough to allow over 150 singers to be seated during non-singing portions of performances and for singers with disabilities to sing from a comfortable, seated position.

  • Provide alternative learning tools and experiences to assist members beyond the rehearsals.

  • Use effective strategies to recruit, welcome and orient new members quickly.

Goal 4: Maintain the unique viability of the NDC as a Singers’ Cooperative, managed by members, with an open, no-audition admission policy.


  • Identify tasks needed to maintain effective and efficient operation of NDC which can be effectively performed by members.

  • Develop and update as needed job descriptions for tasks and committees.

  • Identify members with skills and interest to chair and staff committees to carry out tasks.

  • Maintain board liaison with every committee to enable board to keep apprised of all activities.

Goal 5: Maintain fiscal integrity.


  • Develop a realistic budget annually.

  • Provide the Board monthly with comprehensive financial reports, including budget vs actuals, income/expense, and cash flow statements.

  • Develop multiple funding sources.

  • Develop a reserve fund equal to one year’s budget.

  • Expand use of low-cost electronic media over print media and mailings in promotion and outreach.

  • Utilize cost-effective sources for purchasing products and services.

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